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Intensive Trauma Healing

I treat many anxiety, depression, phobias and trauma using different methods of therapy. I now offer a 2  Trauma Therapy Healing that takes place in my office. You will spend 2 and a half days with me on a healing  journey through any trauma you may have faced in your life. If you have faced trauma in your past and want to resolve the depression, anxiety, nightmares and memory flashbacks that go with your trauma and you are confused on why life is this way, this might be the therapy you have been waiting for all your life.

There is a flat rate fee that includes 2 1/2 days of treatment.

1st day: 6 hours with break at lunchtime

2nd day:6 hours with break at lunchtime

Therapy treatment may include the following:

Medical Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation, Visualizations, Body tuning (preparing for the healing), Painting, Drawing, Writing, Guided Meditation, In-vivo (Real time life practice e.x. fear of flying, airports, flying). 

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