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Office Location:

1712 Avenue K, Hondo, Texas 78861



Denise's professional approach with Professional Psychotherapeutic Practices, Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy is used to reduce trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and more. She also treats couples who want to mend or improve their Marriage, and she conducts Life Coaching workshops that build communication and self-esteem skills.

Individual and Couples/Family Psychotherapy sessions

55 minutes - $130.00

Denise is an excellent resource for LPC's in their journey to becoming Licensed Professional therapist's.

She has Supervised interns since 2015, and has a professional approach to guiding interns. She will glean from professional journals and LPC board rules and regulations to share and discuss as well as discuss cases of interest to the LPCA in their intern placements.

Denise is available as a valued asset for consulting LPC interns for starting their private practice. From building a website, to applying for insurance panels, Denise is there every step of the way guiding you towards your goals in private practice, which is a very exciting journey! 

Marriage and Family Therapy:

Denise has helped marriages by teaching tools for improvement in communication and validating the needs of the individual within the marriage and family system. If you are feeling that your marriage needs a refreshing new look, get out of a rut you may feel your in, or to improve intimacy, it is important to have an unbiased therapist to help guide you through communication exercises, family communication homework, develop and forge a new appreciation for your marriage and spouse/partner. We all need help now and then with renewing and re-flourishing our relationships.


Family Therapy:

Families are a myriad of different developmental stages, communication styles, emotions and dynamics special to your family. Denise breaks down for your family ways in which being firm, fair and improving communication, discipline, consequences and  relationships within the family. She takes the time to get know the family and the dynamics surrounding all individuals and their needs. Having a therapist who can see things from another perspective can relieve chaos and stress within the family.

Children's Therapy:

Denise sees children in many developmental stages as well as the behavioral aspect, and can be an asset as to what might help parents in their parenting skills. From ADHD to PTSD and trauma, your child will be evaluated and you will be given skills to better relate to your child's needs as well as Denise working with your child one to one to give them coping skills that they may need to deal successfully with their emotions.

Denise's specialty is Depression and Anxiety, and she also works with children and Teens as a Trauma Specialist for those that have been sexually, physically or psychologically abused.  

Individual Hypnoanalysis/Hypnotherapy $140.00

Hypnoanalysis/Hypnotherapy: is a framework for the rapid and effective treatment of a wide variety of psychological disorders without the use of medications. Hypnosis is a tool used in the protocol of the treatment process. Many organizations teach how to induce the hypnotic state but often those who learn these techniques want to know how to utilize the hypnotic state most effectively. AAMH Hypnoanalysis is the framework in which the hypnotic state brings about rapid, long lasting change.

"I treat Anxiety and depression and I see Individuals who are in life's spiritual transitional places who are seeking a Purposeful Spiritual Journey (PSJ) that deals with one's own personal  journey and improvement".


Personal Spiritual Journey Explained:

The whole of you and your universal soul involve your Spirit.  It is the core of who you are. It drives your life purpose, your true desires, your love of self and others. It is called many things according to your belief system such as; intuition, gut feeling, divine intervention, Holy Spirit, universal energy, and so much more.  These descriptions mean the same thing. We as human-beings have knowing sense that we are something more and we are constantly striving to find out what that is and how to access it for ourselves and others. Denise works with you and your own personal spiritual beliefs including your personal relationship with God or your own spiritual beliefs.

My guiding you in this experience means that through over 19 years working with individuals in their space of pain and discomfort, my expertise in psychoanalysis, hypnosis, energy work, and spirituality in a holistic way gives my clients the best results I can possibly give them.  This is born out of over 15 years of study in spiritual practices and principles along with countless people I have worked with in my practice. Spirituality  can be used for it's purpose in aiding you in your purpose. It is time to merge the work with the mind with the work of spirit.  It is an all-encompassing and far-reaching focus on the individual, because it works with you from wherever you are.


Here's what happens when we begin working together: When a client comes into a session with me I sit down with them, tune in by centering myself and calling upon my guidance, and then begin the assessment.  As you talk I begin to receive input from a bio-psychosocial and a spiritual level simultaneously.  All of this information is valuable in it's ability to reveal the core of the problem and see the best course of action for long lasting healing.  You are also able to learn how to access your own innate spiritual gifts so that you will feel empowered and have the tools to be successful after we have finished our work together.

Isn't it time for you to take the next step by connecting with your spirit and learning how to function in the world through spirit first?


  • Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Treatment Specialist

  • Incarceration Specialist- (20+ Years experience working in the Prison System treating and helping Offenders)

  • Educator and Public Speaker

  • Substance Abuse Referral and Sponsor Agent

  • LPC-S Intern Supervisor

  • Certified Medical Hypnotherapist 

  • Hypnotherapy Training Educator

  • Depression and Anxiety Specialist

  • Marriage & Family Counseling

  • Pre-marital counseling

  • Intimacy Counseling

  • Grief Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Author

  • Licensed Professional Business Consultant

  I treat and work with the following as a 19 year experienced therapist:






  Women's Specialties


  Eating Disorders

  Self-esteem issues

  Bullying Issues

  Sleep Problems


"Denise is a great asset to the American Academy of Medical Hypnotherapists as she helps train and recruit other professional counselors wanting to add Hypnotherapy to their practice.

Denise has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 19 years.  Due to her belief in living holistically and providing an array of alternative therapies for healing she sees her work as being Transformational for her clients. Being transformed herself in her spiritual practice and work with self-hypnosis and visualizing success, Denise works with individuals, as well as couples and families". American Academy of Medical Hynoanylists.

Art Therapy: Take classes or learn about your creativity through art.

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